The new year’s resolution

Getting 2023 underway at Spurs.

There used to be a time when we always seemed to lose on Boxing Day and win on New Year’s Day. We’ve done the first part this season, so we should be up for the second as well. It’s not as though there’s much stopping us.

Spurs, away. Again, we used to have a good record here and it’s not that long ago we were either equal with or usually better than them. Trouble is, it seems like a very long time ago indeed. It isn’t as though they’ve been all that successful; they still haven’t won much in decades and haven’t had a proper title challenge for longer than we have. Yet here they are with a nice new stadium with its own rules and instructions on how to behave, players who cost fortunes and being spoken of as part of the Big Whatever it is now. And why do they behave as though they’re on a different planet to us? Because they talk themselves up. They tell the world what a massive and important club Tottenham Hotspur are, and the world believes them. They say their chairman is a business genius, and that’s what he’s called. We don’t make much of a fuss, so everyone thinks we’re here to make up the numbers and should be grateful. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

Anyway, onto the first match of the year. It’s been shifted, again, but at least it’s not the usual crack of dawn expedition we have to endure over the holidays. They’ve got a team full of over-rated charlatans. They have to be over-rated, because nothing at Spurs could ever be as good as they say it is (see above). We’ve got the usual collection of injuries, although please God we’ve been boosted by the return of our very own World Cup winner. We’re going to win this. It’ll be the first step towards making the rest of the world take notice. New year, new attitude.