Wednesday and other Ws

We’ve got the Wolves coming up next. Aren’t we lucky?

When is a local derby not a local derby? When it’s against a club you’ve never been all that bothered about, and who only began thinking about you when they started to get a bit above themselves and were looking round for the nearest big club to pretend were their rivals, which like every other outfit within fifty miles was us. Aren’t, weren’t, never will be.

Again, it’s hard to say anything about Wolves that hasn’t been said before, and even harder to say it without laughing. The one-sided rivalry, all that minding gaps, the old days when if they got four thousand you knew the away team had brought a load, the twenty thousand who never missed a match in all that time, the belief that there’s no club on earth with better players, supporters, ground, history, potential, owners*, not-at-all-dodgy-agent. And all this done in deadly seriousness because the one thing you will never find, no matter how hard you look, is a Wolves supporter with any semblance of a sense of humour or proportion when Da Wolves am concerned. If you don’t believe it, try to disagree with one of them.

Anyway, onto Wednesday night’s anticipated feast of footballing excellence. It’s the week after Christmas, the kids have gone back to school and there’s a train strike. Naturally it’s a top-price match and it better be worth all that. They’ve got a load of players from Portugal and a manager and his team from Spain. We’ve almost certainly picked up a couple more injuries since Sunday.

They, for all their magnificence, are in the bottom three. We’re on a roll. Normally this would be the time for panic, worry and apprehension. No more.

*I’m not sure about this. Like their rivals, it seems to change every year. Are they still the best owners in the world, or worse than the Bhattis?