Saturday night fever

Chelsea are at Villa Park on Saturday night. Cue the music.

Sometimes the headlines just write themselves. It’s Chelsea, it’s an eight o’clock start and it might be the most important Premier League game we’ve ever played at Villa Park. Both teams have something at stake – for us it’s the chance to make the Champions League even more likely, while our opponents have got the opportunity to establish themselves as the top side in west London and if they manage it well done, Plucky Little Chelsea. There’s definitely something going down and you can feel it.

As we all know, Villa Park under the lights on an occasion like this is unique. It’s something we can’t share and nobody can steal it. Chelsea’s trials and tribulations this season have been well-documented and wouldn’t ya know it, they’re running into a bit of form. Much of this is down to one player although please God don’t let him be linked with us during the summer because the sight of “PALMER TO VILLA” headlines is bound to trigger flashbacks amongst our older supporters.

Apart from that they’ve got a collection of the most overpaid and under-performing footballers assembled in one squad since us in 2015-6 and if you wonder how that lot could have under-performed, they were at least expected to be capable of running in a straight line. This season’s collection of claret & blue heroes can of course do that and more, even though most of them have been limping at one time or another.

As we keep saying, the squad’s down to the bare bones, even the players who haven’t been injured are beginning to look knackered and we’ve all got to do our bit. Our support needs to help make the night so memorable that at the end we’ll be praying for the moment to last.

This might be a big game but the next two could be even bigger. We know how to do it, we know how to show it.