The Sunday sessions

Villa are off to the Emirates. It’s all go these days.

Arsenal, Arsenal here we come. It’s the last of the ‘get it out of the way’ trips for the season. Not that there’s anything wrong with Arsenal, or their supporters, or their media love-in, or their sense of entitlement, or their idea that their supporters are better than anyone else, or that horrible, hysterical TV channel, or their celebrity supporters, or their idea that they should be able to buy whoever they want for whatever they want to pay, or anything else about them. Oh no. Good old Arsenal. The ground’s looking a bit tatty as well, which is something for our own redevelopers to think about.

What they have got is a team who are doing a bit too well lately. Every few years we catch up with them, then they go forward again so we’ll just have to try a bit harder. This is one of those times and it’s far to say the odds are stacked against us. The games are coming thick and fast, which is a sign of success that we’re going to have to get used to. The opposition are on form and incredibly annoying. We’re feeling the effects of the season, with the usual injuries, loses of form and Douglas Luiz suspended for some last-minute idiocy. We’ve also got their old manager and former reserve keeper, who’ve both done okay for us, but which in no way makes up for the many and varied irritations that Arsenal have inflicted on football over the years.

It’s one of those games where you’d take a point if it was offered now. They’re good and we’re knackered, depleted and out of form. So it’s up to the team to go out and give Arsenal TV or whatever it’s called something to really moan about. Over to you, Unai.