Down by the river

Get your money out, it’s Fulham away.

After the trials, tribulations and torments of the past few weeks it’s off to That London and the best away of the season. Fulham here we come and even better, it’s a Saturday three o’clock kick-off. Make the most of it, because it won’t happen again.

Wander around the scenic splendour of our capital city. Stroll along the Thames and as you near the ground you can absorb the atmosphere of the matchday experience – the chink of prosecco glasses, the smell of organic buffalo burgers and stonebaked ciabatta wafting on the breeze, the sound of the traditional matchday talk between supporters; mortgage rates, tax breaks and how to get your children into the best schools. Then you get to Craven Cottage and take in the architectural splendour of a new stand that’s taking longer to build than HS2.

It’s easy to make fun of Fulham and their fanbase, so it would be a pity not to do just that at every opportunity. It’s still a good day out though, even if getting tickets is harder now and it costs a fortune. They’re currently mid-table, which is as good as they can hope for after a few seasons of bouncing round between the divisions. Adama Traore is still there; if you don’t remember him, he played for us three owners and about seventeen managers ago.

They’ve also got a good record against us at home, including the one that it’s compulsory to mention turned out to be one of the best defeats ever. We’ve got the usual collection of injuries, walking wounded, recovering and bound to pick up a knock between now and kick-offs. If you haven’t got a ticket ask Unai and you’ll very likely get a place on the bench. A win, three points and on we go; crisis over.