Life in a northern town

Coming up next – a trip to Burnley.

We’re back from the glamour of Europe and into the humdrum routine of the league, as we look to round off a successful week with another visit to bleak northern desolation. It might be August but it’s still the frozen wastes.

Burnley stayed in the Premier League for longer than they should have done thanks to the help of such legends as Ashley Westwood and Matt Lowton before going down and then coming straight back up. When they were in the top flight with us last time they were managed by Sean Dyche and played like it. Vincent Kompany’s in charge now, which adds a bit of cosmopolitan glamour to their otherwise drab existence. What his team plays like we’ll have to wait and see, although they’ll be doing it with Aaron Ramsey, who’s finally moved there on one of those sell and buy-back deals that you know aren’t right but they’re fine when we’re doing them.

They’ve also signed Nathan Redmond, who’s had a phenomenally successful career bearing in mind that he started in the lowliest of origins. Apart from the scare with Emiliano Martinez we haven’t had any more injuries since the last match, although there’s still a couple of days, and Nicolo Zaniolo might be unleashed.

Andy Lochhead and Tony Morley used to play for them, although not at the same time. Turf Moor is the only ground in the country where Benedictine liquor is sold (you can tell we’ve had to dredge Wikipedia to find something interesting). There really isn’t much more you can say where Burnley are concerned.

This will be one of those games when the smaller club are up for it right from the start and we have to be ready to deal with them. Which we will, no problem. Three points and bring on the next challenge. Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya.