Here we go again

Looks like we’re off to West Ham again.

West Ham away on Sunday afternoon, and once again we’re up against one of those clubs where it’s very difficult to say anything original. They’ve got some of the horriblest owners in football, but you knew that already. The only reason they still aren’t well above the rest is because a few other clubs have upped their game in the horrible owners competition, and you knew that as well. They managed to get themselves a free ground by some perfectly legal and don’t say otherwise means. It’s a difficult to get to, soulless excuse of a ground, at that. They’ve managed to persuade a lot of people that they’re a Big Club with no evidence whatsoever. Their supporter culture is based around violence and criminality. Said it all before, we’ll say it all again. And so we search for something new to say about West Ham.

They’re bouncing around the bottom of the table, which is somewhere David Moyes knows a bit about. He still looks like the ne’erdowell husband of the put-upon hero in a Kay Mellor drama. They’ve also got Danny Ings, while we’ve got a few million pounds. Time will tell who got the best of that one. They’ve also got a Brazilian left-back named Emerson Palmieri, who should have Lakeand as his middle name. We might have Diego Carlos back, and there’s a fair chance we’ll have more keepers on the bench than they will. They’re beat us in August when the weather was hot and we were worse than them. The weather on Sunday will be a lot colder and we’re a lot better. That should be enough to get a result.

They probably didn’t have it away with one of our old kits after a bet. Like West Ham winning the World Cup or Ronnie & Reggie only ever harming their own, it’s a myth. There you are – something new to say about West Ham.