Follow the money

Manchester City away. Isn’t that something to look forward to?

Here we go again with another visit to the pantomime. It seems that every time we endure a trip to the Etihad there’s a sub-plot that makes us seem even more like the supporting cast; last season it was them winning the league, this time it’s them getting done for financial irregularities. That’s a serious matter and if they’re found guilty I’m sure they’ll be given the same harsh punishments that were handed down to the clubs who were guilty of the equally serious matter of trying to form the European Super League. Whatever happens on Sunday, at least we should be spared the fireworks and assorted missile display that accompanied last season’s joyous occasion. From “Good luck Villa from the City of Manchester” to trying to maim our supporters. What a journey it’s been.

And of course, all of this has been made possible by nothing more than football know-how, tactical acumen, intuition and being able to spend more than a billion quid. For years they were good losers, who revelled in being crap and loved being patronised just as long as you told them you hated Manchester United almost as much as they did. Now they’re the sort of entitled, arrogant, spoilt brats they always railed against. They can buy a player for £100 million just because, and not bother about playing him or wondering why we’ve got a free transfer doing a better job. And of course, when you get to that level rules are for other people.

Meanwhile, we’ll go into battle with our usual injury list and inconsistencies. On our day we can beat anyone, but the difference between the best and the rest is how often their day is. Still, we’ll have the eyes of the world on us again, and again they’ll be wanting it to be our day. You never know.