Thursday bloody Thursday on my mind

A most agreeable visit to a most agreeable Fulham.

I was trying to look for a song with Thursday in the title but there are’t many to choose from. The best is I Lost Thursday by They Might Be Giants, and no way is that kind of fate being tempted. So on with the show and looking ahead to what will be taking us into the weekend.

Normally we’d be full of the usual arrogance and sneering but this is Fulham and it would be like mugging a nun. It’s always the best away of the season unless it’s midweek, and a particularly awkward midweek at that. And it’s a bit earlier than usual kick-off, which at least means you won’t get home as late.

We won’t be taking as many as we used to as the neutral zone has gone as part of the Craven Cottage redevelopment, which seems to have gone on longer than the new Wembley and still isn’t finished. The ones that get there will still be able to take in the splendours of paying a week’s rent for a round followed by a walk along the Thames and their pick of stoneground avocado and lychee pizza and water buffalo burgers on focaccia. Some things never change.

What better had change is our poor record at Craven Cottage. It seems that no matter how well we’re doing, we hardly ever get a result at Fulham. Maybe it’s because they look after us so well we’d feel bad winning.

Their manager is Portuguese, so expect him to be off to Wolves soon, and Stuart Gray is his assistant. Yes, the one who used to play for us. They’ve got Josh Onomah in their squad and he makes as much difference for them as he did for us when he was on loan. We should have one or two of our walking wounded back, although whether they’ll get a sniff of the pitch is another thing altogether.

Fulham have been up and down regularly in recent years; at the moment they’re mid-table and it’s time they started heading back where they belong. Best away trip or not, they can’t get in the way of the Great Aston Villa Revival.