The final countdown

Sunday, final Sunday. The fun starts here.

Sunday promises to be what football is all about. Nine months of twists, turns and suspense all distilled into ninety minutes of drama. Of course, it’s all as well-staged as wrestling but Sky and their audiences will have what they want. Another successful end to another successful season. For ‘success’, read ‘profitable’, and if you didn’t know that you’d have given up on football a long time ago.

In the middle of all this there’s a match taking place, or to be accurate ten matches, because for the only time this season they all kick off at the same time. We’re travelling up to Oil City North to take on the most expensive squad of players ever brought together. If they win, which can’t be ruled out, they get the title again. If by some miracle they don’t, things become a bit interesting.

It’s hard to write objectively about Manchester City. They’ve had more success than anyone could have dreamed of, spent more money and got some great players but it’s all a bit soulless. Their football is functional when it could be exhilarating, their ground is sterile when it could be awesome and the club has traded its soul in return for shiny things. Manchester City are the living embodiment of what Sir Graham once said, “The Premier League has given us so many great things but the fun’s gone out of it”. Manchester City have sucked the joy out of what supporting a football club should be about, and let’s not kid ourselves – if we had the same opportunity we’d jump at it.

Villa’s line-up will be interesting, although highly unlikely to draw more than a passing comment, as will our involvement in the game at all. We had one youngster given a start against Burnley and maybe another might get the opportunity to make a name for themselves. Not that it matters too much – it’ll take an upset of Biblical proportions to alter our final league place and I can’t bring myself to be bothered about the rest of it. or you could use this IxBit Promo Code. Now just watch the Villa prove everyone wrong and give us an afternoon to remember.