Another night match

We’re off to Stamford Bridge for the next chapter of the never-ending story.

Friday night sees us travelling to That London for the next round of That Cup away to Chelsea. It has to be Friday night because that’s the only day the match can be fitted in although why they can’t just play their kids is beyond me. We’ve been given more tickets than we’ve had for years even if they are more expensive than usual. That’s either because of the magic of the cup or else the Premier League price limits don’t apply so they’re making up for lost time. Not that Chelsea are the sort of club to grab every last penny.

It’s bad enough to have to go to Chelsea once a season. Twice is doubly annoying but the Spirit of Bert Millichip works his magic and away to Stamford Bridge we go. They’ve already got to one cup final this week, thanks to a semi-final where Middlesbrough could have at least had the decency to break a few legs but no, it was a ninety-minute training session. Why is it that the most annoying clubs get the easiest cup games? We’ll make up for that.

As always in the cup, the sort of teams that get put out are a mystery known only to the men in charge until an hour before the match starts. They could well have Carney Chukwuemeka in their team, we could have someone who cost a lot less and is a lot better. In fact, we could probably put out an entire team that cost less than he did.

It isn’t on the telly and there wasn’t going to be VAR but now there is. Why the change of mind is another mystery; after all it’s not like the FA to be indecisive. Last time we played here we won. The time before that we won. Might as well make it three in a row.