Why Villa Park is such an important ground

Why, indeed?

There are many fantastic grounds in the Premier League, and Villa Park is one of them. While it may not be the most modern ground, it is steeped in history and still offers an incredible match-day experience.

If you are a fan of football, Villa Park is a must-visit. With that being said, we are going to explore some of the different reasons why it is such a vital ground.

It oozes class and pays homage to Aston Villa

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that Villa Park has a classy feel to it and clearly plays homage to Aston Villa.

While stadiums such as Tottenham Hotspur’s ground may be modern, you do not feel like you are walking into a Spurs cathedral. The opposite is the case at Villa Park. You know just whose home you have arrived at.

From the claret and blue mosaic outside the old Holte End to the traditional brickwork, there is a lot to love about this football stadium. Renovations were first made back in 2000, and the chief executive perfectly summed it up.

Christian Purslow said the following: “We want a design, a project that really pays homage to the great traditions of Villa Park and of this iconic stadium. The designs should be sympathetic to that while, also, allowing for modernisation and making sure our stadium is fit for the 21st century as well.”

Enjoy excellent public WiFi access

Although Villa Park is not the most modern football ground in the Premier League, it has certainly been modernised over the years.

Whether you need to check your work email, place a bet on the football game at half-time, or play Turbo Pinko while you wait for the match to start, you will have no trouble doing so at the home of Aston Villa.

New improvements are on their way

While Villa Park is steeped in tradition, the club also recognizes the need to continue improving.

Christian Purslow further expanded on the plans: “We will also be improving Trinity and, in particular, those hospitality areas within the Trinity Road Stand.

“Then, finally, our goal is to build an entirely new retail, commercial, multi-purpose building in the North Stand car park area of the stadium which will be able us to provide a more 21st-century experience for our customers in retail, in-merchandise, in hospitality, and a whole range of other activities that have the goal to make Villa Park not a destination for 19 days a year but a destination for 365 days a year.”

The importance of Villa Park cannot be denied

As you can see, there is no denying that Villa Park is such an important ground. Whether you support Aston Villa, a different Premier League team or you simply enjoy watching football, a visit to Villa Park simply needs to be on your to-do list. You won’t regret it!