Keep Sunday special

Waiting with eager anticipation for West Ham to arrive.

West Ham at home. It’s a Sunday again, but at least the trains are running and it’s a two o’clock kick-off so there’s a bit more time for the man with the Big Key to turn up and switch the ovens on, or whatever it was that was responsible for the multiple Everton fiascos.

West Ham. What a strange outfit they are. They’re seen as some sort of Big Club despite spending most of their history on a par with Bordesley’s finest. They won the World Cup yet the reason for their worldwide fame is a link to the Kray twins, football violence and the Cockney Rejects. And they have the name of the city on their badge. Remind you of someone?

For the last couple of years the ‘Ammers have been a lot ‘appier thanks to David Moyes, and I know we say it twice a season but he really does look like he should be playing the main suspect in an ITV drama about a serial killer. This season they and he are reverting to normal and if that’s not tempting fate I don’t know what is. You know all about to their charming and ethical owners.

Then there’s the Villa. It should be ridiculous to talk about must-win games before August bank holiday. But this is the Premier League; success and failure is instant. If we don’t win there’ll be a serious load of pressure starting to get heaped on the highly-paid shoulders of Steven Gerrard via the highly-strung denizens of Twitter and Facebook, as well as those disgraceful so-called supporter forums.

Good job we will then, provided the manager drops the players who should be dropped, picks the ones who should be starting and finds some way to get the best out of a squad that certainly shouldn’t be worrying about playing a team who haven’t scored yet.