Another Saturday morning

Looking forward expectantly to playing Everton.

And here we are with the latest instalment of the most-played top-flight game in England. You’ve probably heard that before. Admittedly we did our best to ruin that one and they look like they’re trying to emulate us but they haven’t got there yet. Incompetent owner, awful buys, unpopular ex-rivals manager. Yes, they’re trying their hardest.

Goodison’s one of the traditional grounds – in other words the view’s crap and the facilities worse – but we’ve had some memorable visits here. There was the Tony Morley goal, the Night of the Long Knives semi, Sir Graham’s farewell, Ashley Young’s winner and loads of unmemorable defeats. They’re making plans to move to a new ground, scheduled to open for the game against Rotherham in a couple of years so make the most of those pillars and benches while you can.

Everton supporters, as we never tire of telling everyone, are a funny lot. We always seem to have a fair bit of respect for them but they have some strange disliking of us based on God knows what. The 1977 League Cup very like. Maybe it’s because we know our ‘istory and it’s better that theirs.

Right this very minute they’re getting excited about the new temp they’ve got in to do the filing, make the tea and whatever else temps do. They’re probably not too excited about Anwar El Ghazi and we may as well tempt fate by saying that.

They won’t be too chuffed about our manager and one of our new signings. They’ll probably be welcoming another of our signings. And if both players keep on how they’ve started, they won’t be very happy about the result.