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Try going backwards like the 'African Car Reverser'

Most likely, this is a result of yet another reorganisation of the Heroes & Villains empire,
to reflect our constant evolution coupled with a transition from an old server with lots of legacy files to a shiny new server.
But then again, it might just be a completely random event and the result of too many cosmic rays or global warming... Who knows?

If you are continually getting this page error it could well be that your IP has been blocked on our server. There can be many reasons for this. It could be that your IP is close to one that is already blocked or it can happen if you try to login (incorrectly) too many times close together. Quite often turning your router off and on again will allocate you a new IP that is not blocked, alternatively contact Martin at handvforum@gmail.com with your IP and he will see if it is on the blocked list and remove it for you.

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When the front page opens, click either [Forum] in the menu or Heroes & Villains, the Aston Villa fanzine.
If not already detected select [Mobile] at bottom of page.

If you are click an old bookmark, it is quite likely that your address is now out of date, check that it shows the following https://heroesandvillains.info/index.php
If not your best bet for finding what you seek is to start again at our home page (click here to jump to the home page) and see what happens.

If that doesn't work then try the .net home page or the H & V facebook page for more, hopefully up-to-date info.

Thanks for your understanding.

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